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Sorry, the Personal Health Record Binder



     This Personal Health Record was designed to help you stay organized within your hectic lifestyle and to optimize your health care.  The reality of today is that:  

*   people go to a variety of health care providers

*   time with providers is limited

*   your health care providers need a quick method of  grasping your total health picture

*   individuals need to take greater responsibility for their own health care

*   our lifestyles are so hectic that if we don’t write it down, we won’t remember


     As an independent nutrition consultant for twenty years I was tired of “starting from scratch” in assessing medical histories of new clients.  I also saw a need for better communication among health care “team” members.  As a founding member and President for 3 years of “Network for Better Healthcare for Woman” I realized I was not alone in my frustrations.   Thus, began the search for a method to empower individuals to be organizers of their own medical care.  Fortunately I found the perfect partner in Karen and our team was born. 

Irene Berman-Levine, Ph.D.,R.D.


     I have served the health care community for the past 30 years as a clinical nurse, an office administrator, and as a medical practice consultant.  During these years of working very closely with my patients, I’ve heard so many people say, “I wish I could remember what my doctor told me”.  Each individual who uses our book will have the ability to write important information in it and keep track of their own health.  No one is more capable than you of controlling your health care.

Karen Espenshade, R.N.


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